Gemosonline may update the Terms from time to time without notice. If you continue to use Gemosonline’s Services, Content, Site, Apps, or Software after these changes take effect, then you agree to the revised Terms. The current version of the Terms is available on the Site. You understand and agree that it is your obligation to review these Terms from time to time in order to stay informed on current rules and obligations. Notification on any core changes to the Terms will be provided to subscribers through an email message or update to the Site. Your use of the Content or Services following the changes to these Terms constitutes your acceptance of the changed Terms
Each paid subscription grants you one (1) license to use on five (5) different devices at any given time. If you want to use the Services on more than five devices at a time, then you can either (i) use Gemosonline on your router, (ii) purchase additional subscription plans, or (iii) purchase additional licenses through the ‘volume licensing’ option. For more information on ‘volume licensing’ program, please contact Support.


The requested product (service) and the guideline will be sent to you up to 24 hours. We shall assume that we may communicate with you by E-mail which you submitted during your purchase. If you have a requirement for a greater level of security in electronic communications, please notify us by WhatsApp to guide you for another protocol.

Refund Policy

You may cancel your account with a full refund within 30 days of your initial purchase (“Money Back Guarantee”).
Refunds beyond the 30-day purchase window will be considered, at the sole discretion of Gemosonline, if a Subscriber can demonstrate that the Service was not available or usable during the subscription period and that reasonable attempts were made to contact Gemosonline to resolve the issue. In this case, Gemosonline may provide the Subscriber with a pro-rata refund of service fees paid during the period when the Service was not available or usable.
Refunds are generally processed within seven (7) days and are made to the original form of payment used for purchase. All refunds are sent in USD and therefore the refund amount could differ from the amount originally paid in local currency or bitcoin. Any change to the original purchase, such as upgrading to an extended billing term or purchasing of additional licenses under the same account, shall constitute a waiver of the Money Back Guarantee option. To request a refund under the Money Back Guarantee, send an email with your request to the following email address:
[email protected]
In case you decided to use the money back guarantee, the trend depending on the way you paid: while you pay by coins, it must be considered that it will not reimbursement by coin and You should send your number, email address, and PayPal or WebMoney account number for us, Otherwise, it will be refunded to the account you paid by.The process of refund takes up to 48 hours

Acceptable Use Policy

Gemosonline Services may be accessed from all around the world, so it is your responsibility to assess whether using the Site, Apps, Software, or Services is in compliance with local laws and regulations. Whenever you use the Site, Apps, Software, or Services, you should comply with these Terms and applicable laws, regulations, and policies.
You understand that it is your responsibility to keep your Gemosonline account information confidential. You are responsible for all activity under your account. If you ever discover or suspect that someone has accessed your account without your authorization, you are advised to inform us immediately so that we may revoke your account credentials and issue new ones.
Gemosonline aims to provide the best service possible to all of our Subscribers. In that sense, we require that you do not misuse our Content or Services. Misuse refers to any use, access, or interference with the Content or Services contrary to the Terms or applicable laws and regulations.
In order to protect the Services from being misused or used to harm someone, Gemosonline reserves the right to take appropriate measures when our Services are being used contrary to these Terms and applicable laws. You agree that Gemosonline may terminate your account, without providing a refund for Services already paid, if you misuse the Service.
In using our Services, you agree not to:

  • Send or transmit unsolicited advertisements or content (i.e., “spam”) over the Service
  • Send, post, or transmit over the Service any content which is illegal, hateful, threatening, insulting, or defamatory; infringes on intellectual property rights; invades privacy; or incites violence.
  • Upload, download, post, reproduce or distribute any content protected by copyright or any other proprietary right without first having obtained permission from the owner of the proprietary content.
  • Upload, download, post, reproduce or distribute any content that includes sexual or explicit depictions of minors.
  • Engage in any conduct that restricts or inhibits any other Subscriber from using or enjoying the Service.
  • Attempt to access, probe, or connect to computing devices without proper authorization (i.e., any form of “hacking”).
  • Attempt to compile, utilize, or distribute a list of IP addresses operated by Gemosonline in conjunction with the Service.
  • Use the Service for anything other than lawful purposes.

Language and Translation of Content

All of our Content was originally written in English. Any translation of our Content is done on a best-effort basis. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of translated Content. In the event of any discrepancy between the translated Content and the English Content, the English Content shall prevail
Subject to your compliance with these Terms, Gemosonline grants to you a non-exclusive and limited license to download and use the Software. Modifying, distributing to unauthorized parties, reverse engineering, or otherwise using the Software in any way not expressly authorized by Gemosonline is strictly prohibited.
Usage of any material which is subject to Gemosonline’s intellectual property rights is prohibited unless you have been provided with the explicit written consent by Gemosonline.
Maximum times for delivery of the services after purchase is 24 hours.
The way of the contact to you is your e-mail.so we deliver your services via e-mail.

Third-party Websites

Gemosonline may provide you with content belonging to Third Parties (“Third Parties”) or links leading to third-party websites. Gemosonline is not responsible for the availability of the content provided by Third Parties as they are not under the control or supervision of Gemosonline, and they may have different terms of use and policies. Your access through our Services to any website, service, or content provided by Third Parties does not indicate any relationship between Gemosonline and such Third Parties.