When you visit a site like Google, Facebook or any other website, you type their domain name in your browser, that domain name is actually like a nickname for the website, like the home address. Your computer and any devices browsing the internet has an IP address too.

anytime you type a domain name in your browser whether you use Chrome, Safari, Firefox or …, you send your data through the internet to reach their server, then the server will translate them and will send you back the site you requested.
whenever you are sending data to a server, not only sending them your IP address but also lots of other information, and this is where hackers, snoops or spies can intercept your data and monetize them.

What VPN do to secure your data:

When you send information online, VPN will create a tunnel to encrypt your data, then if someone gets your data won’t be able to read it. This tunnel makes the hacking a little harder but not impossible, a VPN also adds in an extra server. in this way, your data goes to their server first and then to the website.

It changes your location and makes you able to watch any tv show, depending on the geolocation.

It also helps you to keep your privacy and security, while these days, we hear many news about peoples who get hacked and their privacy exploited. You can stay anonymous and do all your activity with no worry.


Top reasons for using VPN:

  1. Prevent Malware Attacks
  2. Unblock Geo-restricted Content
  3. Bypass Governmental Blockage
  4. Unblock Websites at School or Work
  5. Use P2P Networks with Privacy
  6. Mask Your VoIP calls
  7. Prevent Search Engines from Tracking And Logging your browsing habits
  8. Protect yourself when researching Sensitive Information
  9. Because you have a right to Privacy


  • Stealth VPN
  • Zero knowledge DNS
  • No log Policy
  • Unblock Geo-restricted access
  • Anonymity (anonymous IP – anonymous Buying)
  • Supports IPv4/v6 which helps better quality and access to entertainment services and sites
  • Support all protocols which mean easy to set up on any devices without any additional software.
  • Support up to five devices per account to be connected simultaneously
  • Military grade encryption
    Secure encryption AES-256-GCM, TLS crypt 1.2/1.3, chacha20-ietf-poly1305
  • Budget-friendly prices that make it easy to buy for everyone.
  • Open source software which means you can easily check our claims like no logs and be sure you are not using spy software.
  • Powerful cloud firewall which guarantees your safety and protects you from malware
  • Worldwide server locations
  • Money back guarantee.
    (If you claim that you can’t connect and after our checking)

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